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TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2018
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2018 GRSD Summer Nationals

2018 Top Prospect Teams In

 16 - Under

 18 - Under

 Caveman Baseball  Bullets Baseball
 Bullets Baseball Blue  Team GRSD Florida
 Central Florida Hard Play  Central Florida Hard Play
 Raven Baseball Club  POBC Brown Baseball 17U
 NL Rockhounds  Patriots Baseball
 TM Academy  Team GRSD West Coast
 Crimson Baseball  Florida Rivals
   NCF Baseball
   JOBA Sports
   TSA Elite 17U
   Independence Prospects

Aug 2-5, 2018   Clearwater, Florida

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Entry Form        Roster Form        Tournament Passes

16 & 18 - Under -  Entry Fee - $700/plus $50 per game for umpire fee -  4 game guarantee

Entry Fee made payable to:  GRSD                     

                                          Mail to:  P O Box 1052, Eagle Lake, FL 33839

Field Venues

13 - 14 Under at Ross Norton Complex - 1426 S. Martin Luther King Ave., Clearwater, FL 33756
16 - Under at Tack Fields - 1967 N. Hercules Ave., Clearwater, FL 33763 
18 - Under at Joe DiMaggio - Corner of Drew ST. & Old Coachman Road, Clearwater, Fl 33763
18 Under at Northeast HS - 5500 16th Street North, St Petersburg, Fl 33703

Tournament Director - Sal Giardina - 813-495-7433 or sgiardina44@gmail.com  
Chuck White - 863-559-4405 or ibcnationals@yahoo.com

Hotels, Rental Cars and Attraction Tickets - Call Debria White - 863-412-1234 or ibcbaseball@ymail.com 


Daily Gate Pass - $10.00 (10-under free)  Tournament Gate Pass - $30.00
                                                                   Tournament passes will be sold on Thursday and Friday

Thursday  (Aug 2)

  7:00AM - 6:00PM      Registration two hours before first game at the field you play.
  8:00AM - 6:00PM
      Pool Play Games on Fields 1-5

  9:00AM - 600PM      Skills Work-out 60 YD Dash, Arm Velocity and Bat Speed

  Friday      (Aug 3)

   8:00AM - 5:00PM       Pool Play Games on Fields 1-5

  Saturday  (Aug 4)

   8:00AM - 8:00PM       Bracket Play Games

   Sunday  (Aug 5) 

   8:00AM - 12:00PM     Semi-Finals

   12:00PM     Championship Game 16-under and 18-under


 IBC Baseball Summer Nationals Past Winners and Top Prospects

16 – Under Division

Congrats to the 2017 IBC Summer National Champs
Bullets Polk

Congrats to the 2017 IBC Summer National Runner up
Ostingers Baseball

All Tournament Team

MVP - Brayden Miller - Bullets Polk
OFF Player - Joey Grubb - Ostingers Baseball
DEF Player - Kasey Cribbs - Bullets Polk
Tucker Wiltrout - Bullets Polk
John Wiegert - Bullets Polk
Justin Wallace - Bullets Polk
LJ Hamilton - Bullets Polk
Kyle Merkle - Ostingers Baseball
Austin Johnson - Ostingers Baseball
JD Massaro - Ostingers Baseball
Christian Tate - Bullets White
Alex Rodriquez - Bullets White
Layne Radar - East Coast Tide
Justin Garcia - Toxic Baseball
Joey Stancombe - Central Florida Hard Play
Josh Pigozzo - Tampa Terror Stealth
Noah Cornwell - 5 Star Nationals
Scott Curran - Lakeland Legends 16U
Hunter Laurell - Lakeland Legends 16U
Garret Allen - Lakeland Legends 14U
Jayden Jacbides - Tampa Terror Blue
Ben Cheeks - Bullets Baseball Blue

18 – Under Division

Congrats to the 2017 IBC Summer National Champions
Lakeland Legends

Congrats to the 2017 IBC Summer National Runner up
FIBA Royal

All Tournament Team

MVP - Brock Weirather - Lakeland Legends
DEF Player - Ian Cawthorne - Lakeland Legends
OFF Player - Antwan Lederl - FIBA Royal
Chance Whitlock - Lakeland Legends
Luke Riedy - Lakeland Legends
Brian Spradlin - Lakeland Legends
Brad Skinner - FIBA Royal
O'Neil Pritchard - FIBA Royal
Jacob Cockril - FIBA Royal
Collin Santas - FIBA Carolina
Joey Stuwart - FIBA Carolina
James Peeler - Bullets Baseball
Brandon Grant - Bullets Baseball
Reece Lee - Pasco Baseball
Conner Getz - Pasco Baseball
Harrison Rossi - Tampa Terror
Mack Grant - Tampa Terror
Joe Mortello - Zephyrhills Baseball
Kolbe Cupinek - Zephyrhills Baseball


16 – Under Division

Congrats to the 2016 IBC Summer National Champs
Central Florida Pride

Congrats to the 2016 IBC Summer National Runner up
Bullets White

All Tournament Team

MVP - Tony Rossi Central Florida Pride
OFF Player - Zack Malvasia
DEF Player - Dean Collins
Luis Ortiz - Central Florida Pride
Alex Otero - Central Florida Pride
Garrett Wallace - Central Florida Pride
Cody Wagner - Bullets White
John Gibbons - Bullets White
Joe Canegatti - Lakeland Legends 16U
Carmine Romano - Lakeland Legends 16u
Hunter Green - Hit Factory 2018
Ryan Dell - Hit Factory 2018
Logan Ganoe - Team Oppo 2018
Tyler Lyons - Lakeland Legends 14U
Andrew Wunderlich - Polk Predators
Luis Sosa - Team Oppo 16U
Trevor Derry - Bullets Gold
Paul Sustachek - Hit Factory 2019

16 – Under Division

Congrats to the 2016 IBC Summer National Champions
Lakeland Legends

Congrats to the 2016 IBC Summer National Runner up
Team Oppo 18U

All Tournament Team

MVP - Brock Weirather - Lakeland Legends
DEF Player - Trevin Pruitt - Lakeland Legends
OFF Player - Kyle Chiger - Team Oppo
Carlos Valeria - Lakeland Legends
Brian Spradlin - Lakeland Legends
Jaevious Merriweather Lakeland Legends
Zack Ghelfi - Team Oppo 18U
Josh Flowers - Team Oppo 18U
Joseph Eischen - Carrollwood Gators
Kelter Fox - Carrollwood Gators
Maverick Powell - Bullets 18U
Austin Spires - Bullets 18U
Elias Gross - Carrollwood Gators
Ricky Nieves - Hit Factory 2017
Conner McTeer - NLB 17U
Sean Timkee - Tampa Bay Raiders
Alex Ramos - Central Florida Hard Play
Colton Bierly - Thunder Elite
Carlos Curnow - Bullets Blue
Tanner Alavado - Tampa Crush
Kyle Litwin - Team Oppo 2017

16 – Under Division

Congrats to Suncoast Select Old Hickory for
winning the 16U Championship

All Tournament Team

MVP - Garrett Thompson - Suncoast Select Old Hickory
Best OFF Player - Logan Flood - Suncoast Select Old Hickory
Best DEF Player - Brandt Sandean - Polk City Baseball

Justin Cherry - Suncoast Select Old Hickory
Josh Mendosa - Suncoasst Select Old Hickory
Camerron Kroeger - Suncoast Select Old Hickory
Gabe Gomez - Polk City Baseball
Steven Black - Polk City Baseball
Hunter Morales - Polk City Baseball
Drew Spencer - CW Gators 2018
Grant Walford - CW Gators 2018
Conner McTeer - TBE Express
Cameren Douglas - TBE Express
Will Sollars - Bullets Baseball
Julian Machado Bullets Baseball
Lester Hamilton - Lakeland Gators

18– Under Division

Congrats to Lakeland Legends for
winning the 18U Championship

All Tournament Team

MVP - Aaron Garcia - Lakeland Legends
Best OFF Player - Cole Brutcher - Central Florida Play Hard
Best DEF Player - Garrett Oliver - Lakeland Legends

Brock Wierathon - Lakeland Legends
Trevin Pruitt - Lakeland Legends
Bayley Waters - Lakeland Legends
Cody Woodring - Central Florida Play Hard
Austin Ali - Central Florida Play Hard
Dylan Lefebvre - Central Florida Play Hard
Isaiah Torres - Bullets Baseball
Francisco Quinonez - Bullets Baseball
Ryan Fatzinger - CW Gators 2017
Vance Gutierrez - CW Gators 2017
Raul Ponce - GRSD Florida
Morgan Goodwin - Team Oppo
Zach Wilfoth - Team Oppo
Brian Gomez - Team 6-4-3


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