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MONDAY, JULY 24, 2017
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2017 IBC Baseball World Series Teams



Bravo Valley Renegades 16's, TX  BLT Hornets, KC
Caveman Baseball, FL  Bravo Valley Renegades 17's, TX
Citius Warriors, FL  Bravo Valley Renegades 18's, TX
Carrollwood Gators 2020, FL  Carrollwood Gators 2018, FL
Carrollwood Gators 20201 FL  Carrollwood Gators 2019, FL
Dunedin Panthers, FL  Citius Warriors, FL
Florida Stingrays, FL  East Cobb Dodgers Blue, GA
Lakeland Legends, FL  Great White Sharks, FL
Ostingers Baseball, FL  Lakeland Legends, FL
Seattle Bombers, WA  Lakes Area Dodgers, MI
Schaumburg Seminoles 16's, IL  Indiana Eagles, IN
South Florida Storm Blue, FL  North Columbus Elite, OH
Tampa Owlz, FL  Outsiders Baseball, IN
Tampa Bay Terror, FL  Phoenix Baseball, FL
Texas Prospects, TX  Schaumburg Seminoles 17's, IL
Toxic Baseball, FL  Schaumburg Seminoles 18's, IL
 Seattle Bombers, WA
 South Florida Storm Blue, FL
 St Louis Naturals 17U, MO
 Tampa Bay Terror, FL 
   Tampa Storm 17U
   Texas Prospects, TX


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