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                              2007  IBC Baseball

                                   World Series

                             16 – UNDER DIVISION

1st Place - Bullets Baseball
2nd Place - West Fl Outlaws
3rd Place - Polk Powerhouse
4th Place - Tampa Bay Knights

 Tournament  MVP - Andrew Bartlet - Bullets Baseball

Tournament Best Offensive Player - Chris Newcomb - West Fl Outlaws

Tournament Best Defensive Player - Nick Gill - Bullets Baseball

All - Tournament Team
Ruban Gonzalez - Bullets Baseball
Spenser Haynes - Bulllets Baseball
Ross Kipp - Bullets Baseball
Tx Sullivan - Bullets Baseball
James Cole - West FL Outlaws
Zack Power - West FL Outlaws
Steve Gonzalez - West Fl Outlaws
Tyler Harriman - West Fl Outlaws
Buddy Putnum - Polk Powerhouse
Will Blackwelder - Polk Powerhouse
Mark Vulgamore - Polk Powerhouse
Teddy Willis - St Pete Braves
Matt Marksberry - Cincinnati Bats
Charles Flannigan - Tampa Bay Knights
Carmelo Losauro - Tampa Bay Knights


                                         CHAMPIONSHIP BRACKET PLAY

GAME 1  WED        9AM        EG-3          Dawg Pound   4 VS    Polk Powerhouse  10

GAME 2  WED        9AM        EG-4          Tampa Bay Knights    0 VS   West FL Outlaws  8

GAME 3  WED  1130AM        EG-3         Bullets Baseball    8  VS  St Pete Braves  0

GAME 4  WED  1130AM        EG-4         Cincinnati Bats  3  VS  Polk Powerhouse  6

GAME 5  WED         2PM        EG-3         West FL Outlaws 1  VS  Bullets Baseball  3

GAME 6  THURS    9AM        CC-2        T B Knights   8 VS St Pete Braves  0

GAME 7  THURS    9AM        CC-3        Dawg Pound  2 VS  West FL Outlaws  6

GAME 8  THURS  1130AM   CC-2       T B Knights 4  VS  Cincinnati Bats  1

GAME 9  THURS  1130AM    CC-3       Polk Powerhouse  1 VS  Bullets Baseball  8

GAME 10  THURS    2PM       CC-2       West FL Outlaws  12  VS  T B Knights  7

GAME 11   FRI           9AM       EG-3       West Fl Outlaws  2  VS  Polk Powerhouse  1

GAME 12   FRI     1130AM      EG-3       West FL Outlaws 5  VS  Bullets Baseball  6

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