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2017-2018  IBC Baseball/Game Ready Scout Day

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2018 IBC Baseball World Series



13, 14, 16, 18 Under       July 21-28, 2018       Clearwater, FL 

 Tournament Information - Click Here

2017 Final Results and All Tournament Team





2018 IBC Baseball Summer Nationals

14, 15, 16. 17, 18          Aug 2-5, 2018        Winter Haven, Florida

Tournament Information - Click Here

 2017 Final Results and All Tournament Team





2017 IBC Baseball
South-Central America, Caribbean and USA World Championships

Oct 6-9, 2017            St Pete/Clearwater, FL




 2017 IBC Baseball Fall Schedule

For more information call or text Chuck White at 863-559-4405

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Sept 2017

Sept 22-24

 IBC Fall Classic

Schedules and Results

13-14     16     18

 Clearwater, FL

 14, 16, 18


Oct 2017

 Oct 6-9  Game Ready World Championships  Clearwater, FL  16, 18

Nov 2017

 Nov 10-12   GRSD HS Showcase  Winter Haven, FL  13-14-16-18
 Nov 24-26  "The International World Classic"  Auburndale, FL  13-14-16-18

Dec 2017

 Dec 1-3  IBC Baseball Fall Nationals  Clearwater, FL  16, 18

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